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Leslie Wolfe

Yes ... you can advertise ANY business from ANY country. In other words, you can post about investments that would work for your country.

still working on rockstar site. also our filing in Wyoming and with the SEC. KEEP GETTING PEOPLE IN SO WHEN we get ready for the monetization, you'll have people there to do that! THANKS!

We have a new SALES page. Take people you're inviting here first. See what to do next at the bottom of the sales page. go to: www.newsrockstarinfo.com

For more detail ... Log out and go to: the main page with the blue graphic that has the BIG RED BUTTON. Click where it says: CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS. You'll learn a lot there.

There's new updates. CLICK ON THE BIG RED BUTTON. Or, go here: newsrockstarinfo.com/updates/

Hey peeps ... GET NOTIFIED when people follow you. If you signed up before today, go into your back office. Click profile. Then settings. on the left you should see NOTIFICATIONS. click and on the right you should see a place to check, to get notified. After today, it will auto send you notifications

@LorrieTrotter Hey Lorrie ... Still working on the site. Your URL where people can signup would be this: www.newsrockstar.com/@LorrieTroterr ... All someone has to do, is use their username. It would look like this: www.newsrockstar.com/@username ... you have to have the slash and @ sign

In a week, we'll have some back office tutorials. In the mean time click around and put your picture in and make a post.

Now get as many people in as you can. They can use the platform now to post news or promote their business. SOON, we;ll have our sister platform done so you can monetize your followers ...

The "Reporters Wanted" page is now available. Just look at the last link at the bottom of the page.

Soon ... We'll be registered with the SEC ...

Were testing the platform today