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Get Paid Fast. Here's how it works. The "Rock Star" package retails for a one-time $79. You'll collect the money in realtime using PayPal (or another source). Once done, you'll forward us $29 through Paypal (or another source), and you keep $50. also, you'll send us by email the customer's info of Full Name, Email, and Phone. This registers them for the program and future benefits. You see, by doing it this way. You get paid instantly - NO WAITING for commission checks. PLEASE NOTE: The "Rock Star" package is NOT MLM so that it does not conflict if you're using an MLM program for your home-based business.

When you sell the program to other people, the person or organization that bought it can now start to get $50 paychecks daily as well. Remember, there are thousands of people out-of-work and need something to create cash-flow ONLINE right now and build future residual revenues through an optional home-based business.
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Free Medical Plan. You may have noticed that medical expenses are through the roof, right? Well now, you can get a completely FREE discount medical program - No COST to you. There is no catch. Get discounts at Hospitals, Dentists, Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Eye Care, and Prescriptions. This is Not Insurance but can be used with or without insurance. Once you sign-up with the provider for free, you can start to use your benefits quickly.
What is "Whale of an Idea?" Think "Shark Tank" only better. Why play with the sharks when you can swim with the whales? 92% of all applications are accepted. YOU are in complete control of the show. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to make your presentation or do a fancy production. Get Funding, Licensing, Product Placement, Loans, Joint-Ventures, Affiliates, and more. It's not always about the money. Everyone on "our platform" and beyond will be able to see your show. Take your entrepreneurial dream to the next level. Whale of an Idea™ is registered with The Writers Guild of America Reg. No. 2018581. Click Here to Watch Sample Show. Or, you can click here to get more information. Please note. The $300 fee for this program has been WAIVED for the "Rock Star" program. 
Employee Benefits. Enjoy discounts, rewards, and perks on thousands of the brands you love in a variety of categories: Travel, Auto, Electronics, Apparel, Local Deals, Education, Entertainment, Restaurants, Health and Wellness, Beauty / Spa Tickets, Sports & Outdoors. But wait, there's more.
How about $2,500 in interest-free credit with NO FICO score or membership fees. Shop thousands of your favorite name-brands and pay over time. Get Discount Gasoline and more. Even if you're a "Gig" economy worker, you can use these benefits.
Checkout This Interest Rate From FDIC Insured Banks: How about an amazing 1.5% Base Rate APY and can boost the APY to as high as 7% each day! Your account is FDIC-insured. No minimum deposit. No setup fees. Earn and withdraw at any time. More than 200 FDIC Insured U.S. Banks are utilizing this concept. Setup your account within minutes.
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